Matthew Kendall
Matt's Testimonials
"The time I spent working with Matt was probably the most productive I've been during 15 years of passive training in different disciplines.  Being one on one allowed me to ask questions that I never felt comfortable asking in group settings.  This allowed my knowledge of boxing, conditioning, and nutrition to expand exponentially.  I highly recommend Matt for anyone looking to begin, or improve they're fitness lifestyle.  Above all else, how cool is it to say you've trained with a pro fighter?"

Kyle Stafford
November 2015

"I started seeing Matt in early 2015 for Muai Thai but since then we started circuit training, weight lifting and meal planning. Matt is professional, dedicated and most importantly enthusiastic!! He shows his love, knowledge and experience for his craft with every session and pushes you past your personal barriers. I would absolutely recommend Matt in a heartbeat."

Sam Makdessian
October 2015

"I brought my 12 year old son, Connor, to Matt to improve his fighting skills. I am very impressed with Matt. He gives the training session his full attention and spends the session working on all aspects of the game. Connor's session with Matt not only involves strength training, conditioning and technique, but he receives many fighting tips that only a professional fighter could offer. Matt has a gift for working with kids and youth; he reads them well, quickly determining their strengths and weaknesses. He doesn't coddle Connor but challenges him to put out the best effort possible. My son enjoys working with Matt and he has definitely grown in skill level, physical fitness, temperment and confidence. Whether you want better fitness or technique for you child, or even increased confidence and self-esteem, training with Matt is they way to go."

Rich Agnew
October 2015

Connors Testimonial