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Message from Matthew Kendall  
I want to take the opportunity to let you know how I became the athlete I am today. My story might not be far off the path that you or someone you know has been down. When I finished school, I went right into a full time working career, earning a good living and paying my way as a Brick Layer. Not the easiest job on my body, as I eventually was forced to undergo multiple hernia surgeries. After these surgeries, I had a harder time at work. I gained weight and wasn’t happy with my reflection in the mirror.
I decided at this time I needed to make a change in my life. I needed to lose weight and get back to the healthy, active person I was before the operations.
In 2009, I walked into Pound 4 Pound in Pickering and signed up for Muay Thai classes. I was simply looking to improve my health and fitness, but did not anticipate the journey that would follow.

Now, 5 years later, I have not only got my health back, but I have put brick laying behind me for a full time career in Muay Thai.
Not only am I earning a living fighting and training, but am able to expose others in the community to the benefits of Muay Thai. On a daily basis, I push myself and others to achieve better than average results out of our lives. I set goals for myself and always push the limits of what can be accomplished.
In 2012, I married the woman of my dreams. She has supported me everyday. Through victory and defeat. My family has played a huge role in my journey and I couldn’t be more thankful for their support.

Life doesn’t hand us anything.  We must fight for everything we want. This is my fight, my journey, my career.

  • CASK Level 1 Coaching Certified
  • 2010 Ontario K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • 2011 Ontario K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • 2011 Canadian K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • 2012 Canadian K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • 2013 Ontario K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • 2013 Present with the City of Pickering Athlete of The Year Civic Award
  • 2013 K1 Kickboxing Team Canada Athlete
  • 2014 Canadian K1 Grand Prix Champion
  • Current Canadian Eastern Welterweight K1 Champion
  • Current WKA Full Rules Muay Thai Super Welterweight Canadian champion
  • Current WKA Full Rules Muay Thai Welterweight North American Champion
  • 2014 K1 Team Canada Athlete | CopyrightⒸ 2015
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